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Science Research Programme


Deborah Ong (put in a picture - see "Instructions" section below)
Raffles Junior College
Tel: 62428440
Address: 15 Frankel Street

Username: DeborahOng
PW: dosh88

Put in name of your project

File:Curriculum Vitae 2009.pdf

put in a hyperlink to your blogsite like so below:

  • My Blogsite SRP Logbook Record of my learning and research [1] Last Updated: 4 May 2009
  • My Wizfolio bibliographic references site [2] Last Updated: 4 May 2009

My Research Ideas

  • Final Research Proposal - DOAbstract
  • DOResearchProject
  • Other possible research ideas

My Learning Site

The Science

The Information Technologies

The Scienctific Technologies

The Bioinformatics

  • What Databases are useful to my work DObiodbs
  • What bioinformatics programs are useful to my work DObiosoftware
  • Which bioinformatics websites in addition to biodatabases are useful to me DObiowebs