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This relates to LSM3241, Bioinformatics and Biocomputing for the Academic Year 2012-2013 (Spring term). For earlier terms, please see LSM3241 (prior terms)

LSM3241 term

Academic Year: 2012-2013
Semester: S2

Grading allocation

The breakdown for the marks allocated for LSM3241 Sem2 AY2012/13 is as follows:

  • CA1 (20%)
    • Peer learning presentation
    • Class participation
    • Practical attendance
  • CA2 (40%)
    • Individual Project CA2
  • Final written exam (40%)
    • MCQs and Structured essay questions
    • open book exam

CA1 Peer Learning Presentation Guidelines

For LSM3241 CA1, each student is required to present on a given programming language (Perl or MySQL or see list of topics) assigned to you. The presentation should be no longer than 45 minutes. The presentation takes the form of a peer learning/discussion session where the presenting student leads a teaching/discussion session about the programming language/topic assigned.

Each presenter is also required to create a wiki page on the presentation topic. The presentation and wiki page is part of CA1 which is worth 10% of the LSM3241 module grade.

Presentation scope

  • (Brief) introduction to the programming language
  • Getting started with the programming language
  • Basic commands
  • Inclusion of hands-on examples/exercises (preferably bioinformatics related) for the other students to attempt during practical
  • Tricks and Tips
  • Conclusion

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and presenters are reminded to approach their assigned TAs for discussion on their presentation scope.

Checklist before CA1 presentation

Before your presentation, please make sure that you have:

  • Uploaded your presentation slides and materials to the IVLE CA1 submission workbin
  • Completed your wiki page

Presentation Topics

Choose a topic among those commonly encountered in bioinformatics and computational biology. Examples are provided below. If you would prefer to present on a topic other than one listed, that would be fine; please see one of the course instructors.

  1. Unix Scripting
  2. Perl programming in bioinformatics
  3. Python
  4. R in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
  5. HTML-CSS form-filling and CGI
  6. Javascript and AJAX
  7. Java programming for bioinformatics applications
  8. Basic C programming for bioinformatics
  9. Galaxy or Bpipe scripting in Bioinformatics pipelines
  10. Discussion of Computational techniques in a Research Paper

Presentation Topics Allocation

P2 (8/2/2013)

Neo Wei Xuan ( mark) --> R

Wilson Tan Lek Wen --> MySQL

P3 (22/2/2013)

Jeon Ah Jung --> Git

Ng Wei Tian, Alvin --> Python

P4 (15/3/2013)

Tan Ken Wei --> Java

Mandhir Bajaj --> Perl

P5 (12/4/2013)

Urszula Czerwinska --> Galaxy

Chia Kim Leng, Jason --> Bash

Grading Criteria (class presentation)

For class presentations, the grading criteria include:

  • Content of the material presented
  • Presentation skills
  • Flow of the presentation
  • Clarity
  • Is there a focus?
  • Does the presenter include her own point of view?
  • Adequate Referencing
  • Engagement of the audience
  • Handling of questions by the audience
  • Time management

CA1 Wiki Guidelines

A wiki account is needed for each presenter to create and author their wiki page. Prior to the presentation slot, each presenter is to approach the TA in charge to obtain their group wiki username and password. Links to the wiki page for each group are displayed below.

To edit you or your group's wiki page, please login to the wiki site. Go to your group's page, and click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page.

Wiki How To

To learn more about the Wiki syntax, click on the link below

Please explore the Wiki links below for technical instructions on how to edit and upload files to Wiki pages.

Grading Criteria (wiki page)

Students are to take note of the following criteria when preparing for the Wiki page:

  • Focus on the topic/theme (especially bioinformatics examples)
  • Flow of the presentation
  • Clarity

Student Webpage and Student Background Information

Chia Kim Leng Jason

Jeon Ah Jung

Mandhir Bajaj

Neo Wei Xuan

Ng Wei Tian, Alvin

Tan Ken Wei

Tan Lek Wen

Urszula Czerwinska

Prior terms by academic year

Below are historical pages for prior terms of LSM3241

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